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Welcome to GreenHomes.RealEstate

A Green Home is also known as a Resource Efficient Home, Smart Home or High Performance Home. It is a home that saves money on operational costs by using resources economically and provides a comfortable, healthy living environment for the residents.

"A smart home is a property that is equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) devices or tools that aid in controlling functions such as temperature, lighting, security, safety, appliances and entertainment either via phone, tablet, computer or with a seperate automatic system within the property itself." CNET

This is your resource for information and websites that will provide you with an array of resources to build or retrofit green.

Database for State Incentives

Cost vs. Value for remodeling

There are certifications that homes can be given by

(LEED) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Energy Star

(HERS) Home Energy Rating System

(DOE) Home Energy Score

(NGBS) National Green Building Standards

Green Point Rating

Auditors & Energy Experts

Building Performance Institute

Residential Energy Services Network

Green Building Registry


Sources for Smart Home Systems 

Home Improvement Online Strategy Generators


Solar Estimate


Cool Roof Ratings


Walkability Rating Score

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